Friday, April 4, 2008

SunChips going green?

Looks like SunChips is sticking true to its name; according to, FritoLay, the own of SunChips, will now be making their popular multigrain snacks (my favorite is Harvest Cheddar, mm), with the help of solar energy. SunChips will commence their eco-friendly production on April 21st, but until then, they have created a coinciding eco-campaign in order to promote SunChips going green.

I personally think this ad campaign is genius. They are using a new slogan, "Live Brightly," which, according to prnewswire, is meant to focus on "the simple yet powerful idea that small steps can add up to have a positive impact on your life as a whole." Not to mention it goes quite well with the solar energy campaign; bright, solar energy, sun, SunChips, get it? I do, and I like it a lot.

So as a part of their new advertising campaign, they are utilizing, yes, online advertising, along with TV and print. On Earth Day, they will debut the very first solar-powered newspaper ad, along with a solar-powered billboard in the company's hometown of Modesto, California. Although this has not alot to do with viral marketing, talk about creating a buzz: eco-friendly advertising, wow, look where we're headed. I'm sure SunChips will get mouths flapping about how they created the first solar-powered newspaper ad and billboards.

In terms of online and viral advertising, they have created a new website,, which features tons of information on solar energy and ways and small steps for people to do to live a cleaner, greener lifestyle. It also has a link to add on a SunChips Get Green Facebook application, which is an amazing idea due to Facebook's popularity and its keen ability to drop advertisements into a website with very high visibility.

Visit the website, check it out. Two progessive movements combine: viral and buzz marketing, and going green. I like the sound of that.

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