Thursday, April 3, 2008

Even being "green" is going viral

According to, an alternative energy company appropriately named, has hired viral marketing company YouCast to further develop the company's viral marketing efforts and ideas to promote their company and its causes.

On April 1st, the company has announced that it has developed its own comedy web series hosted by Chuck Roy, a "Last Comic Standing" semi-finalist, that uses humor to address the need for alternative energy sources. There will be three episodes per week that will be featured on the company's website.

Along with the webisode series, YouCast will promote's News, "Green collar jobs," Products, Social Networking and the new Comedy and Education features. The viral promotion campaign will start with music artists Right On Dynamite, Hung, The Knees, Fewn and Vonesper along with pin-up girl Jennifer Korbin plugging the company on their own Web sites. Jonathan Cohen, founder of YouCast, explains that "the opportunity to inject the online community with a positive message in a fun, engaging way is the YouCast approach and we're elated to spearhead the effort with"

CEO of Doug Schiller is equally as enthused about the partnership and the adoption of a viral marketing strategy in stating "with our comedy series, YouCast's marketing to musician and celebrity sites and an amazing new education section, we are well positioned to become the leading Alternative Energy web portal," This is just the beginning. We will soon introduce even more content."


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