Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This one's for you, Kim Gregson

Hiya Kim, just in case you didn't see, there were blog posts based in April that I didn't get credit for because of the same problem as the rest of them-- in the middle of working my internet cut off and then wouldnt let me sign back in again. It's the one about SunChips and the one about new laws for viral marketing in the April section that looked empty.

Besides that, I've enjoyed your class alot, and I know everything that I learned will be VERY valuable in my hopes to have a career in buzz, viral, guerilla, and all things cool--marketing. Hope you're looking forward to the Chuao presentation, bring your appetite!



Kim Gregson said...

i don't see any post about sun chips?

Kim Gregson said...

never mind - i found the sun chips post - and gave ya credit for the 2 posts